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Life in Golden BC four years in

I realize its been a good...

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An Ode to Golden BC

Golden BC has a lot to...

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Winter in Golden BC

Winter is in the air in...

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Mount 7 in Golden BC

“Indeed, you don’t go to Golden...

Welcome to

Welcome to #thisgoldenlife, a blog-based website about living in Golden BC, as experienced through the eyes of one new resident -- me.

I, along with my husband and two kids, moved to Golden from Calgary AB in the summer of 2013 for the lifestyle that small town mountain living offered. Yes, we are one among that growing trend who have decided to sidestep the exhausting treadmill of bigger, faster and more -- deciding instead that simpler, slower and smaller is just as good, perhaps even better, as a way for us to experience family life.

I started this site because I am passionate about Golden and wanted to share my enthusiasm about it. And I wanted to do it from a perspective based in my own experiences -- as a new resident, as a parent, and as someone who was not raised in a small town or with a super outdoorsy lifestyle. Golden-style living -- which is definitely small town and definitely outdoorsy -- is a totally new experience for me.

 In sharing my own personal experiences and perspectives on Golden, I hope this site becomes a resource for people interested in visiting or moving to our special mountain town. I hope #thisgoldenlife becomes a place to learn about the community, its people, its artists, its cultural life, its entertainment, its businesses, its politics, and of course its lifestyle.

I am very interested in hearing from visitors to Let me know what you think of the site or if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see featured. I am keen to accept guest posts and/or artistic submissions so if you have an idea for an article or a great photo you'd like to share, please do get in touch. Any contributors to the content of this site receive full credit for their work.

Thanks for visiting #thisgoldenlife. Enjoy browsing the site!



This project would not have been possible without the enthusiasm, support and assistance of some incredible local supporters.

  • A huge thank you to the Columbia Kooteney Cultural Alliance and Columbia Basin Trust for the seed funding to get this project off the ground. Also, a shout out to Kicking Horse Culture for supporting the arts in Golden.

  • A huge thank you to Jana Skerlak of Bullet Point Marketing for the actual building and design of the site.

  • And another huge thank you to Amy Barrett of abarrettphotgraphy for her gorgeous Golden photographs. Many of the photos in my posts were taken by this amazingly talented photographer.

About the Author

Stephanie is a recent Goldenite, loving the lifestyle, arts & culture scene, and sharing her impressions and experiences with you on this blog.

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