Golden Sound Festival

Golden BC takes a lot of pride in its arts and culture scene. And so it should. Between Kicking Horse Culture and Golden’s extraordinarily vibrant and well known grassroots music scene, the music scene in Golden is basically unprecedented for who comes, and the frequency with which they come – given, of course, that we are a small population and are located smack in the middle of a bunch of mountain ranges. Most days of the week, you can a great live show going on in Golden, often more than one. And the level of talent that comes through here, and that’s local to here – well, that’s pretty much unprecedented too.

The Gaff - GSF-WBP 2014 with Dancing Girl  Credit Joseph Carter

Golden Sound Festival Block Party image credit Joseph Carter and Gnarly Pix

Knowing that, I suppose it’s no surprise that Golden also has its own music festival – an upbeat, get-up-off-your-seat-and-dance, multi-venue two-day celebration of music that runs twice annually – the third weekend in February and the third weekend in August. It’s called the Golden Sound Festival Block Party. It makes for a super fun night on the town, and it’s a great way to get a taste of Golden’s (totally awesome) restaurant and bar scene.

The Golden Sound Festival is a showcase for the up and coming artist. The lineup for .....[read the rest of this article on Tourism Golden's blog]


This article was originally published by Tourism Golden as a part of their local's blog series. Part of it is re-posted here with permission from the awesome folks at SnowSeekers



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